View Full Version : couple of issues with captured DV material

27th April 2004, 21:27
I captured an hour long material from my DV camera using Adobe Premiere (Standard PAL Video, 48KHz sound). The file is cca. 13GB big. I have a DV decompressor installed (panasonic DV, the free one) witch enables me to view&edit that avi file in virutaldub and other editing programs. Now, the problem is:
When I open the video in WMP, everything is looking beautiful, 720x576@25fps, PAL with sound. But...when I open the file in virtualdub or virtualdubmod (I want to encode it to Divx), I see the video is interlaced, that is...the fields are visible and I don't like that. How can I fix those fields? I tried using Field Deinterlace (in Gknot) and Deinterlace all frames (divx 5.1.1 pro), but when virtualdubmod starts to encode, it says:
"Avisynth open failure:
FieldDeinterlace: YV12 or YUY12 data only"

I hope I made any sense. Please help if you can...

27th April 2004, 22:01
Since you are opening it in VirtualDub, why not use a VirtualDub deinterlacer, such as my Smart Deinterlacer?

28th April 2004, 11:11
I'd rather recommend to read the "DV to DivX" guide in this forum (see sticky threads).