View Full Version : Best way to use DVD-RB?

14th April 2004, 11:56

I have been reading a few of posts on how to use dvd-RB and am just wondering the current best approach to backup dvd's. At present i m working on backing up Dawson creek Season 2. Does this sound correct

Should i use DVDshrink (i normally use this anyway) to compress menus and remove audio. Keeping main video at 100%

Then use DVD-RB oneclick with reJig

Then burn to dvd.

Or should i just use DVD-RB

The reseaon i ask is because of the post about menu's and a lot of dvd's now can have menus of 500Mb and higher and this isn't really needed.

Also is there a program that works like ifoedit but visually, you see the video stream and say you want it removed. I tried to get DVDtoolbox, i think that does what i just said but the website and direct link are down.

Thanks for the help and info in advance


14th April 2004, 13:51
I'd say, if you want to transcode, just do it with shrink. But if you want quality, use DVD-RB with CCE (combined with shrink if you want to compress a menu).

DVDStripper does what you want, you can visually open each little bit in a player (mediaplayer classic + some mpeg2dec is a fast combination) and delete it if it's a foreign language menu etc.