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12th April 2004, 12:13
I used DoItFast4U,Reauthorist,BatchCCEWS and Scenarist to Backup Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone and all went ok,but after i update the ifo file with Ifo Update when i try to access the Root Menu during the movie,instead of it the movie restart.How can i fix this?

12th April 2004, 18:32
did you use numenu on it? also .. when the dvd starts.. does it play the logos,previews etc (if any) and go to the main menu as it should?

12th April 2004, 19:59
I posted this in the other thread you posted in too but I'll repost here ;)

If you didn't use numenu, make sure you
a) only updated ifo's for Title's you demuxed/reauthored
b) Updated the appropriate IFO (original -vs- authored in the right spot)
c) Make sure you did the "Get Sectors" step in ifoedit (Ifoupdate has this feature as well but I've found at times even after doing this in ifoupdate, ifoedit has needed to adjust them)

Any one of the three above could cause your menu's to not be jumping to the right locations