View Full Version : Which DLL for DVD to DVD encoding?

11th April 2004, 17:53
I am very confused about this issue as I don't delve too far into the subject. I stick with what I know. I have always used MPEG2DEC.DLL 1 but I was wondering if any of the others are better in regards to picture quality or speed.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

11th April 2004, 21:22
There is a whole forum devoted to that: "One click DVD backup solutions".

Did you try rejig already?

11th April 2004, 22:04

I am not after a one click solution. I have always used CCE dvd2avi +avisynth etc. My question is as it has been so long since I last installed any of these things are there any new and/or improved files I should use instead i.e is MPEG2DEC.DLL still the most suitable or should I be using something else.