View Full Version : Which proggie should i use

11th April 2004, 11:41
Basically ive got this captured video in huffy (about 1.5 hrs of it)
( a lot of space needed for that!! :P) 720X480

its loads of 10-20sec clips with occassional longer clips. videos ive taken with my camera

they are all over the place and need a lot of editing

what i want to do is isolate the clips individually edit them (cut off ends and begginnings and bits in the middle) then reorder them (ie the new order when watching the stream will be clip 5 then 2 then 1 then 4 etc) then possibly add a voiceover to them (although this bit is not essential )

ive got premier pro 7 is this the right program to use for my needs ie the editing and the reordering of clips with possible voiceovers

at the end of it ill use a range of proggies for this i want to output it (as many clips but in the right sequence)and encode it with an mpeg2 encoder to put on dvd (with menus)


12th April 2004, 05:03
Yes siree, Premiere Pro should be able to fulfil what you want to do. In fact most NLE's out there are capable of doing it. I've used both Premiere and Vegas but I personally like Vegas. But Premiere Pro is a lot of improvement from the previous Premiere 6, so you already have plenty of firepower there.

14th April 2004, 11:44
thanks NFURY8

most appreciated