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2nd April 2004, 08:42
finally decide to step into the 20th (or is it 21th) century, and get a dsl connection (maybe), i just need to know a couple of thing:

1. after a cancel my msn account, will i still be able to keep my email account/address?

2. sbc yahoo all-fur the 1st year for $30/month, after that, it's $50/month, will i be able to downgrade to the $40/month?

3. can i share my connection with my back door neighbor(s)*, legally?

2nd April 2004, 09:23
about the connection sharing, you'll have to consult your contract. If nothing is mentioned, i think you should be allowed to do so. In my contract for instance is a clause allowing me to share the connection over 4 computers.

2nd April 2004, 09:35
1. Probably not. But maybe. If your using POP (aka outlook express) then definilty not. But if your using a newer version of the software and transfered your account to web based email you might be able to access it thru the web page (hotmail.com), but I wouldn't count on it. MSN probably has a 'bring your own access' account for like $10 a month, but unless you really need that adress it is a total ripoff.

2. Probably. But verify it by calling before ordering, unless they have some ridiculous restrictions against changing plans/speeds it doesn't appear the fine print binds you to a commitment to the regular price after the initial one year term.

3. Check out the Terms of Service (http://sbc.yahoo.com/terms/). One thing is clear, you cannot resell it. Sharing it for free, is a little more grey.

It states Your SBC Yahoo! DSL Member Account allows for one DSL connection and one other simultaneous network connection (such as a dial-up line) for a total of two (2) simultaneous network connections to the Internet. SBC reserves the right to prohibit any additional simultaneous network connections. This policy does not prohibit multiple DSL users from connecting to the Internet over the same DSL network connection using customer premise equipment such as a router or home networking equipment.

Now it says you can use "customer premise equipment", but I am unsure if that limits you giving access off your premises.


No Resale. The Service is provided for your use only (unless otherwise specifically stated) and you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, transfer, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes your membership in the Service, any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service. All aspects of the Service, except that portion provided by third party providers, is copyrighted and property of SBC and/or Yahoo! as applicable. The Service is intended for access to and use of electronic mail, Usenet newsgroups, Internet relay chat, the Internet and any other proprietary or non-proprietary services that SBC Yahoo! makes available to its Members.

Restricted Use. You agree not to permit anyone else to use your Member Account and that each Sub Account may only be used by one member of your household or business.

3rd April 2004, 08:59
1. i don't really need it, i just want to keep it, i guess changing it to a hotmail account will be ok; aw man! four extra letters to type

2. 10 extra bucks may not seem as much, but I barely go online as it is; unless i decide to download giga-flop of movies, mp3, and crack games, the extra speed wouldn't be needed

3. you say "grey area", they say family only; so if they come over and use my computer, i'm in trouble, right?

3rd April 2004, 09:20
I have a rather special perspective on this since I used to be level 3 tech support guy for MSN. Yes, you can keep the email account, but it will revert from a 10MB to a 2MB account. This only works if it is web based. IE, if you can log into it from hotmail.com. Also, if you wanted to change email addresses, make a new @msn one rather than @hotmail. The @hotmail email addresses get hit with more spam. New @msn email addresses can be created by using the MSN Explorer.

Oh, and if you signed up for one of those 3 year contracts and still owe some time on it, just keep paying. Its not worth the hassle and you will have to pay eventually. If you do owe some time on it, you should be able to upgrade your MSN dialup contract account to a MSN DSL account. And if you are lucky, someone will lose the contract information.

3rd April 2004, 16:35
I managed to keep all of my @msn.com accounts when MSN transfered their email service from POP3 over to the Hotmail (http) type service that exists today.

So I don't see why you should not be able to keep your existing @msn.com accounts as they are only 'glorified' @hotmail.com accounts!

Up until the official launch of WinXP you could create new @msn.com accounts for free....


4th April 2004, 09:46
As I said, as long as the @msn account is web based, and not useing POP3, you can keep it fine. Also, you can still make new @msn email addresses for free using MSN Explorer.

4th April 2004, 10:12
Originally posted by Pamel
Also, you can still make new @msn email addresses for free using MSN Explorer. This is good to know as a friend of mine needs a couple of @msn.com addresses for his work - it seems some people in the business world are put off by the @hotmail.com address.

You say, MSN Explorer is required. That's that bloody awful application that can be found (if you've deleted it) in 'Add/Remove Windows Components' of WinXP.

Very useful to know. Cheers.