View Full Version : Three lined subtitles on a KiSS DP 450

17th March 2004, 09:21
Hi everybody,
I have a BIG problem with divx subtitles on my KiSS dp 450 (latest ET firmware).
When I play *.sub subtitles that have three lined frames, it only plays the first one. Here is an example:

{49975}{50129}Are you saying, that I am less entitled|to use the shortcut|because I haven't always lived here?

As you see, in this case I have a three lined subtitle frame (two "|" are used) - I see it right when I use WMPlayer or any other PC Video Player, but my KiSS displays only the first line or no subtitle at all..


I've tryed as well to modify the subtitile (to make a two lined from a three lined one) but in this case, it happens that PC player displays 4 lines and KiSS displays always 1 line ... I've tryed as well with *srt subtitles - no result.

Is there any solution?