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15th March 2004, 23:53
I am trying to back up my DVDs and want to do it in the following way:

1- Avoid compression the more I can.
2- Keep the main menu.
3- Remove some of the extras (some others I don't want them off:
removed scenes and such).
4- Remove some of the languages, but keep the original and my own.
5- Same as 4 for subtitles.

What I have got up to now:

1- Rip the whole DVD in file mode with DVD-Decrypter: not a problem at the moment; 3 movies ripped.

2- Remove titles I don't want: perfect with 2Cool's guides:
"How To Blank Out a Single PGC TitleSet (Optimized for Speed)"
and "How To Partially Blank Out a Multi-PGC TitleSet"
Again not a problem

3- Create an image with instant Copy and burn it. In the options I only leave the languages and subtitles I want. It works right once again.

The question is:

what happens if there are more than one English streams, for example

A- the normal stream.

B- Soundtrack alone stream.

and I only want "A".

Question 1: Does InstantCopy leave both or it takes off the second

Question 2: In case it leaves both tracks how could I take them off?
I know a little of IFO-Edit and for the things I've read
it looks like it is not as simple as reprocess the main
movie through Vob Extras and stripp off the languajes I
don't want in. I have read some errors might happen.

Question 3: what I am assuming in Q2 is right?I have not tried it yet,
have very very little time to waste on tests (I share the
pc with my wife and she needs full CPU usually)

Question 4: Is there already I guide I haven't found yet on these