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12th March 2004, 00:26
I downloaded here (http://www.cinenow.com/us/vobtrailer.php3) some dts trailers that are in .vob format. They play well in windvd5. When i try to play in mediaplayer or zoomplayer theres no filter associated for that audio. Anyone know how to "enable" the intervideo filter? Any alternatives appreciated.. i already regged the two gabest filters and the dtswav filter but without success...

12th March 2004, 00:47
Latest Media Player Classic has built in DTS decoding via the internal filter based on Videolan's dtsdec. Grab it from sourceforge or the doom9 news page.

12th March 2004, 09:56
The funny thing is that VideoLAN cant play VOBs with DTS ;) :confused:, but MediaPlayer Classic can :).

Maybe gabest will release a general DirectShow DTS decoder filter (based on libdts) someday, so that any DShow application can handle this audio format. :p

14th March 2004, 13:35
Originally posted by planet1
Maybe gabest will release a general DirectShow DTS decoder filter (based on libdts) someday, so that any DShow application can handle this audio format.yep, hopefully he doesnt only limit it to mpc :(

19th May 2004, 12:56
Are there any information updates regarding the DTS direct-show decoder filter?

I've tried a couple, most recently Gabest's, DTSAC3Source.ax But it did not work for me.

Interestingly, when I tried an DTS.vob file in Nero's ShowTime player the little red DTS icon appeared but there was no sound

Everything works great in Gabest's MPC player - of course!


19th May 2004, 16:30
Well, now it seems there is a dts directshow filter:


19th May 2004, 16:31
Yes, Valex's latest prerelease includes DTS decoding among other things. What a busy day in the audio forum :) ( in a good way ;) )

19th May 2004, 17:44
Hey, hey... that seems to work!

Both the XviD/DTS in AVI and MKV test files worked!

Curiously my .dts test stream did not (which was the same stream I used to mux into the AVI and MKV container)... but I'll have to do some more tests.

Great work and many thanks. It has been a busy day!


26th October 2004, 18:43
Hi - just some quick update :

Case has kindly implemented DTS playback (based on libdts) into his foobar2000 special installer
(IMO - the best foobar2000 package available):cool: :

(either download the sole decoder - or the entire special installer)

As for a DTS - DirectShow filter:

The new Dscaler 5 filters are quite promising (especially the Mpeg2 video decoder :p ).

(the dscaler 5 audio filter is a source AND decoder filter, so no extra filters needed )

adios ;)

16th November 2004, 01:57
The Dscaler 5 DirectShow Filters 0.0.4 (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/deinterlace/DScaler5004.exe?download) are out !

As always the Mpeg2 Video decoding is excellent ! (mpeg1 is also supported)
If they put LPCM and Mpeg2 Multichannel support into the audio filter, it would be the ULTIMATE DVD FILTER PACK.