View Full Version : Old comp - new OS - win2k or winxp?

10th March 2004, 01:54
this is my config...

duron 700, 640 mb sdram, 40gb hd, msi ms-6340 motherboard, nvidia tnt2-m64, pinnacle pctv, realtek 8139 network adapter, modem, hp printer...

now i'm using winme, but i want to upgrade os - what do you think about win2000 and winxp on this configuration...


10th March 2004, 02:01
win 2k seems to use less processor cos its got less fancy gadgets and gimmicks (i had win2k SP4 running fine on a p2 233 160 mb ram 6 gb hdd fine)

but i successfully had win XP pro SP1 running on a laptop P3 450 with 160 mb ram and it ran more than adequately so its up to u


10th March 2004, 02:47
i personally find XP to be more pleasent to use (personal preference). also, i _think_ that xp has more updated drivers and is generally a target for 'user' applications developers (while 2k is a bit more 'professional').

10th March 2004, 12:48
If you have an older system like that I would rather use Win2000 as it should run faster than XP which has so much extra stuff you dont need. Just make sure all your hardware has drivers for it though.

10th March 2004, 16:49
yes, thanks for help...

think i will try win2000 first, looks it's more stable than my winme (dont know about xp), also old software should be better on win2k than on winxp, right (games)? and speed as you all noticed that...

also i heard about built in soft raid in win2k - so if i buy another hd this should also give some better performance...

11th March 2004, 07:55
I dont mean to be funny but ANYTHING is more stable than WinME. There are some games that wont play under Win2000, but I have found it to be pretty game friendly. It was my favourite OS before WinXP. Very stable on correct hardware.
You could visit a site called www.ntcompatible.com as they have a database of games and software that will and wont run under Win2000.

11th March 2004, 13:54
u cant have software raid to boot off

u can only have it as a storage array and that too only raid 1 or 0

ive got software raid with WIN XP pro Sp1 dynamic disks option it works well two 80gb disks 1 IBM 7200 ATA100 120GXP and 1 Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 SATA in software raid i get read STR speeds of up to 92mb/sec my main boot drive is a 10,000 rpm raptor.