View Full Version : NEW: TCMP Matroska CDL Plug-in v1.8

7th March 2004, 17:38
Jory has worked hard at updating the TCMP Matroska CDL Plug-in over the past few weeks and this release shows it! It now brings it to the latest Matroska CVS code base as well as supporting Chapters and Simple Tags!

Let me know if anyone finds any issues, thanx!

Download it here: http://www.corecoded.com/

Dan "BetaBoy" Marlin

13th March 2004, 02:08

I tested TCMP 4 rc5 with the last build .exe (2004-03-11).

TCMP freezes when loading a .mkv if "matroska CDL 1.8" is installed.

I tested a .mkv with XviD video and only one audio stream (vorbis) without chapters and without subtitles.

Other .mkv that freezes TCMP is DivX5.02 video two Mp3 audio streams, two subtitles and chapters.

both 700 MB in size more or less.

btw the version shown in TCMP for "matroska CDL" is 1.7 instead of 1.8