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6th March 2004, 08:11
is it possible to burn a dvd movie on a dvd-rw and have it play on a standalone dvd player (home dvd player) ? If so how?

PS. of course the goal is to be able to erase and burn again!

6th March 2004, 08:40
1) use a dvd player that can play dvd-rw media
2) don't use princo dvd-rw, they won't work even if 1) is true

6th March 2004, 18:04
ok. what is the method of burning...do I burn it the same way i burn a dvd-r ? or do i do drag and drop ? Cause i lost one dvd-rw when i burned it directly..it even didn't work on my pc.

6th March 2004, 20:51
Cause i lost one dvd-rw when i burned it directly..it even didn't work on my pc.Sounds like the princo effect. You can use a dvd-rw like a dvd-r

13th March 2004, 14:45
alexnoe, thanks for clearing that up, i had the same problem as kanonengedonner. but i have another query: i ripped a dvd i have, and i want to put it on a dvd-rw, now to be able to play the movie on a stand alone dvd player, what files do i have to burn to the dvd-rw? is it all 3 vob files and the ifo file, or what?

Thanks, Nick

13th March 2004, 15:04

Welcome to the forum!

Read the doom9's DVD backup guides here (http://www.doom9.org/mpg/dvdbackup-guides.htm). Everything is explained there in details.

Short tip: if all of your files are below 4.38 GB, you should burn whole VIDEO_TS folder (edit: ofcourse, if you've ripped _all_ files from original DVD, not just the main movie files). If they are bigger, read the guides. ;)

Also, you should read forum rules, FAQ and use search function before you post (you can find links on top of the page).


13th March 2004, 15:25
stargazer, thanks for the quick reply! the giudes helped alot but i still have some questions.
in the guides, they ripped an iso (image?) file from the dvd, and then burned it to a dvd-r, but if i dont have an iso file, but vob's and such, should i use some program to make the files into one iso file, or should i just, as you suggested, burn the whole folder with everything in it onto the dvd-rw?

13th March 2004, 16:34
If you ripped all files from source DVD (VIDEO_TS folder), you can just burn it (if size of VIDEO_TS folder is below/equal 4.38 GB) or you can use ImgTool (you can find it in download section) to make iso image and then burn it. There is no difference (ISO method is a little bit "better", because you can "mount" iso image in DeamonTools and try it like it is real disc, but if you can't afford the time or disk space, feel free just to burn it). All .vob, .ifo and .bup files must be in VIDEO_TS folder on burned DVD. (In Nero, you can just select DVD-Video option in compilation menu, and Nero will generate VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders for you and select appropriate ISO/UDF settings. All you have to do is drag your files in VIDEO_TS folder)

Before you burn, it would be good to try play the files with PowerDVD (or some other DVD player) by selecting "Play DVD from hard disk" (selecting folder where your ripped files are) just to make sure that file structure is OK.

BTW, this is going too OT so if you have some other questions, PM me or post your question in appropriate forum.