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5th March 2004, 19:22
Can i have the exact meaning please, I say a dvdrip is any film that has been took from dvd, it could be encoded to vcd resolution but it is still a dvdrip since the source was dvd.

Is that correct ?


5th March 2004, 21:03
To me, a DVD rip is files (or an image) decrypted from a DVD. An SVCD is an SVCD, a divx is a divx, and a DVDR is a backup.

In truth, there is no exact meaning. This is not a dictionary word, so it only has the meaning we give it [well, that's true of all words, dictionary or otherwise, but you know what I mean].

5th March 2004, 21:27
a rip is the act of copying information from a dvd or cd medium, to to the hard drive.

6th March 2004, 01:04
thanks guys, I know where you are coming from, I just wondered since you can have a DVD svcd rip, which is a DVDrip, due to the source being dvd.


6th March 2004, 01:29
I'm with JustinH, ripping is the first of several steps in a conversion process. You copy to the HD first because the conversion takes a long time and you would burn up your DVD player if you converted straight from DVD (or svcd). So you rip first for about 20 minutes total time. After this the DVD is no longer required because all the DVD info is on the HD. At this point the rip is done! The files (normally VOB) will be several gigabytes in size and if you had a DVD-burner you could copy the original MPEG2 files straight to the blank DVD. Most of the time we CONVERT to another format like MPEG4(DIVX,XVID) or for stand alone compatability to MPEG1(vcd,svcd).

since you can have a DVD svcd rip No you can't strictly speaking. The source is either DVD or svcd but it can't be both. You can however RIP a DVD to your HD and CONVERT to svcd. Over time people have shortened the lingo from

I ripped a dvd and then converted to svcd

to I ripped a dvd to svcd

to dvd svcd rip

skipping the word conversion as it is implied.

Ripping is not converting.

It is the same thing with music. You can rip an album to your hd in the original format but normally you rip and convert to mp3 at the same time. The difference is clear once you burn. If you only ripped your cd will play in a regular cd player. If you ripped and converted (to mp3) you will need to playback on a computer or mp3 player.

7th March 2004, 21:38
I think in 99.9% of the cases "DVDrip" means that the source was a DVD (and not VHS, Laserdisc, camcorder...)

8th March 2004, 20:08
Thats what I meant Thereal, yes, I class a dvdrip as being taken from a source dvd