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3rd March 2004, 10:06
Hi folks,

I've finally managed to get an Elta 8883 player. As you know, it has the MT1389DE chip which is supposed to be better than the GE chip used in some other players.

Since the MPEG-4 compatibility testing I read on this forum was done with players using the GE chip (or are there new tests here somewhere?), I'd like to run some tests with the Elta. I'm pretty sure some of you have suitable files resting on your HDs or websites, so there's no point in me re-creating all the different combinations of video and audio formats.

Please post any URLs or other addresses I can download suitable test files from, and I'll report my findings here. Thanks!

.: colin

3rd March 2004, 16:49
That should not be necessary, as both decoder chips are very much the same in terms of supported features.
It's just, that the GE chip was a prototype and has (at least) one major problem (that would be the speedup/slowdown issue, due to overheating or something). So you wouldn't notice any differences, just by testing some sample clips.
It's the firmware that actually matters, and it seems as if the players with the GE chipsets can't be updated properly, because the manufacturer used different Flash Roms in the same product series.

cheers, monty

3rd March 2004, 20:40
Hi colin,

If you do a search, I think I remember a test CD image (about 650MB) being posted in this forum, with clips encoded with all kinds of different options and codecs.

4th March 2004, 09:58
@ Monty: I got the impression that the GE chip in an incomplete chip and actually lacks some of the functions of the DE chip.

@ plazz2000: cheers buddy, I'll try searching for it.

.: colin

4th March 2004, 10:15
It isn't incomplete it simply has its flaws.
But try the Test CD and please tell us if there actually are differences.
From what i've seen and tested it can't handle the following (with mpeg4 of course):
- alternative container formats (just avi for the time being)
- no subs
- no Divx;-) Audio or aac (wma works fine standalone, ogg not supported, so just mp3 and ac3 aound)
- Xvid GMC "lags" like hell (and all other codecs that support 3point GMC)

cheers, monty

4th March 2004, 18:25
There's also an issue with Packed Bitstream if you use more than one B-frame with XviD.