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29th February 2004, 15:57
Please Help me, I keep getting an error that says in a little window..vsrip: error parsing parameter file. This happens at any time that it feels like it from what I can tell. I'm using DVD Decrypter (the latest one anyway). DIF4U normally manages to get passed the main movie PGC and then throws this error up when it starts the next one. I have to press ok and then it carries on and does the same thing on the next and the next etc etc. Then, when RA opens, the only PGC's available are dummy ones and the Main movie one or whichever one managed to get past this sodding error.
Please help, I'm sure this is a very good program and I would like to be able to endorse it also, but at the moment I can't
Oh, and I have read the guides and followed the setting up instructions.
I presume that vsrip is something to do with VobSub if that helps.

1st March 2004, 00:54
hi jamangie and welcome to the forum!
this was taken straight from the authors knowledgebase (there are also several posts in the forum about this as well) when i typed in 'error parsing parameter file'
This is the default error vobsub will display if it has been told to rip a certain substream that doesn't really exist on the PGC you are telling it to subrip it from. The .ifo files sometimes will say that there are subs on a certain VTS, when in reality there are not. DoItFast4U takes the information for whether or not substreams exist from the .ifo, so sometimes it could receive incorrect information and pass this onto vobsub, which balks. There is no real problem, simply click OK and continue on with the demuxing.
as for your second problem (i am not entirely sure they are related) it *might* have something to do with your settings and/or tools and/or procedures.
please list the version numbers of the programs you use (including avisynth) plus the method you are using.
and dont worry, we will get this issue sorted :D