View Full Version : ESS Vibrato vs ESS Vibrato II vs MTK1389

28th February 2004, 16:11
What is the difference between ESS Vibrato and ESS Vibrato II chipset. Which is better?

Also between ESS Vibrato II chip and MTK 1389, which one is better? Which one plays most formats with ease?

29th February 2004, 13:09
newer is better. Its the firmware that matters the most. vibratto II is the most powerful.

29th February 2004, 18:37
From what i read (and thats surely not 100% sure), the Vibratto II is the same as the Vibratto S but has an integrated controller for the dvd drive. The Vibratto S uses a seperate Chip.
There are different version out, it seems the 6168 has problems with higher bitrates and is not divx certified, the 6178 can use higher bitrates and is certified.

Main advantages of the Mediatek (in camparison to ess), it supports qpel and interlaced, better scaling of all kind of resolutions to fullscreen, supports higher bitrates.

2nd March 2004, 03:52
in camparison this is only used to compare Gay actors:D.. Nice word tho.

2nd March 2004, 08:20
Unless ESS has released another chip since December that I'm unaware of, the mentioned chips are the same, with the later one being a one chip solution. Decoding wise, it is not more powerful and thus is easily beaten by MTK solutions. The only new chips I know of are from Sigma. They add QPel, HD resolutions and WMV9 support, but still lack GMC.