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23rd February 2004, 20:18
Does any one know why certain DVD players are more picky than other players about DVD-R discs? Specifically, I am refering to the DVD player that came with my 2003 Honda Odyssey (I don't know the maker of it)?

For safety reason, I don't want to fiddle with the DVD menu while I am driving. So, I tried to make backup copies with DVDShrink 3.1.4. The backups work perfectly well in:

1) my computer's DVD-ROM
2) standalone Apex 5131
3) standalone Apex 550W
4) standalone AMW V99

But, when it comes the main player I made the backups for, none will play all the way through. At some point, near the beginning, in the middle, or toward the end, each disk will crap out (skip, and then eventually freeze).

The disks I used are CompUSA brand 1X DVD-R, media code is Princo. I know they are not the greatest media, so I tried to burn them with utmost care. I burned the disks with Nero at 1X the speed using TDK DED+840 burner. I terminated all processes not required by Windohs 2000 to run so that Nero has all the resources at its disposal druing the burn. After the burn, I did a check with DVDInfo Pro on media read and all passed without even retry failure. Finally, before I put the disks in my car DVD player, I played them on my standalone players. So, imagine my surprise when the disks will not play all the way through in my car!

At this point, I am pretty sure I have good burns, so I am thinking it is the player. Does anyone know why certain players are more picky than others? Is there a workaround?

ps. LordSmurf's media guide mentioned that Princo 1X media has edge problem beyond 3.8G. However, I am backing up children DVDs such as Dora and Blue's Clues. They do not extend beyond 3.8G, so I don't think it is the edge problem.

24th February 2004, 01:43
try another brand of - media.

That is your problem. I have had good luck with samsung beall media to play in alot of units.