View Full Version : Ugh... please help...power question

22nd February 2004, 17:40
lol okay, well in my overzealousness to get a standalone divx player I found a company that ships to the US (rmxdirect.com). I recieved thier new Divx player, etc... now my problem here is, it has the european 3 prong adaptor (1 vertical, 2 horizontal pins). Do any of you guys know of a place online that sells a votage converter so I can change this puppy over to 110v US standard? Thanks.


28th February 2004, 00:14
You gotta find a place in your area where European immigrants live, go to one of their ethnic video or electronic stores even though you might run into a language barrier, and they ought to have the power converter you need or at least point you to the right place. Of course, it'll cost you ten times more than it would have in Europe, consider it a price of shipping.

28th February 2004, 06:44
Check your local Radioshack (Don't know if you have Maplin or Tandy over there).