View Full Version : Disc to Disc - DVD Backup to DVD Backup?

19th February 2004, 20:40
I am experience in SVCD, but recently have finally ventured into the realm of DVDR...and I must say it rules!
I am trying to backup a DVD backup that I created using DVD Shrink, ImgTool, & DVD decrypter.
For some reason I cannot burn disc to disc...is this even possible with DVDR?
My original backup is on DVD+R.
I have also found that my LG DVD-rom according to Roxio Disc Copier is only able to read CD, CD-R/RW, DVD, & DVD-R.
DVD+R is what I am trying to backup, funny thing is that my DVD-rom drive will play the disc fine, matter of fact I originally backed it up from this drive.
Could this have something to do with me originally backing up the DVD from my DVD-rom instead of my DVD burner?
The disc is in perfect condition...

I can backup the disc if I use just my burner with DVD Decrypter or Roxio, however the process is timely.

I use to do this with CDRwin using CD-R's all the time.

Can anyone suggest a program that is DVDR disc to disc capable?

19th February 2004, 21:36
i use instantcopy to do dvd-r2dvd-r. I was told that you should rip the dvd again, even if it is not encrypted. something about get vts sectors...

20th February 2004, 10:09
I'll give it a try