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17th February 2004, 02:03

Is there a direct relationships between the Frame size (breadth x height) of a DivX file and how good it will look on projection with a DLP projector ?

What are the factors (on the source side - not the projecting equipment) that determine this ?


20th February 2004, 03:15
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22nd February 2004, 02:00
Here are my own guesses to the answer:

1. The less are the dimensions the less sharper the picture will look on magnification or softening/blurring will be more

2. The more is the avarage bit-rate, the better it will look on projection.

3. The less is the ambient light, the better will be the viewing experience.

4. Choose an appropriate distance from the picture where you will see a picture to your own satisfaction. I've seen scanning lines appear less distracting if the distance is increased a little...

5. Because it's in your home, don't let yourself be distracted by chores - pausing, getting up to do something or the other and coming back to the movie is a perfectly good way to destroy a good movie.

6. (Fill it up, PROs)

This is elementary and on the projector's side - setup the projector well with the lense parallel to the screen. Equipment having keystone correction will be preferable.


16th March 2004, 18:23
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