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12th February 2004, 23:49
Hi, everybody.

I do some "svcd2dvd"-style authoring (without re-encoding) and it works great on my standalone, no problem of playback. But if I want to check if video, audio and subtitles are well synch'ed, I have to burn on a test DVD-rw and have a look on my standalone, since IfoEdit (great prog, anyway) doesn't play audio at the right moment, nor subtitles (when only showned!).

I have absolutely no prob like that when the video is fully dvd-compliant, and I strongly think my problem is much more about the filters used by ifoedit than the prog itself.

Any suggestion, or, even better, solution, welcome...


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16th February 2004, 18:00
Well, hello myself.

Srt2sup gave me a hint : instead of using IfoEdit preview, I now use the Nero Image Drive abilities. It works fine for the audio. Not yet for the subs, they still are blurred. So any other suggestion welcome.

By the way. About audio synch. I already asked that in the oldendays, by the answers I had didn't satisfied me. When I made SVCDs, I saw that bbMPEG (rats! english grammar again... I'll finish that at the present, forget the past!) bbMPEG puts a 180ms audio delay. So I wonder if when authoring back my SVCDs to DVDs I have to keep this delay or get rid of it...

Any help, track or clue welcome.


16th February 2004, 18:17
Why don't you use one of the software DVD players that can play DVD files from the hard drive, for instance PowerDVD v.4+.

16th February 2004, 21:17
Hi, dimmer, and thanks for the reply.

I tried powerDVD (althought I can't remember the version), and it did nothing better than IfoEdit preview. In fact, I'm convinced the problem really is located at video-format level. Nevertheless, I'll try version you suggest. And maybe some other progs...