View Full Version : Question about Mediatek 1389 players

10th February 2004, 08:34
I currently own Liteon 2001 Sigma-8500 player. There are some things I like about this player, mainly, its ability to upconvert the picture to 1080i via component outputs with Macrovision off.

On the other hand, it is so picky, sometimes it plays a divx file fine and the next day it refuses to play the same file! Plus you cannot ff and rw etc.. Thus I am considering either a Mediatek 1389 based player or a ESS Vibrato player as an alternative. I know both ESS and MTK players can ff and rw.

Question: Do Mediatek based player have a build-in scaler which upconverts the picture like my LITEON? Or MTK chips have no such feature? Thanks

10th February 2004, 17:53
The ones i seen offer only 480/576p or 480/576i.

10th February 2004, 18:21
And... none of the MediaTek players have a 'resize output image' option!


10th February 2004, 22:31
Well I got an email from Neuneo that advertises MTK based player on their site:
Hi David,

Unfortunately, the MediaTek chipset doesn't support 1080i. MediaTek chipset is superior to EM8500 except doesn't have the upscale 1080i capability.

As for macrovision off, we are working on a new model of MediaTek chipset based machine with macrovsion off and VGA output. It will be launched within next 30 days.

Feel free to let me know if you have any further question."

Oh I did not even realize that Macrovision off was an issue with these players.