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29th January 2004, 03:24
I was not sure about this so I'll ask the gurus here.

I have one (or many for that matter) AVI with subtitles present in it. I want to find a way to extract the subtitles and dump them into any format that I can, in turn, dump into another movie by feeding them into a script for Gordian Knot to use on movie I will encode. Can this be done? Searching on the forum, I decided to clarify myself to avoid any unnecessary flaming...

The AVI has subtitles burned in it. I wish to extract those and preserve the time codes etc. and stick them into the same video but encoded by me. This is necessary because the source that contains the subtitles I wish to rip is not of high enough quality, therefore having the DVD but no worthy subs is a problem which can be remedied by extracting known good subtitles (translations) and putting them in known good video source.

Did I explain it clearly enough?

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29th January 2004, 10:02
The AVI has subtitles burned in it. I wish to extract those and preserve the time codes etc.

You are doing something similiar to me.
I didn't see any programs that can extract hard-sub from video.
But as far as i can see is this thread
With this program, at least you still can keep time code.(SSA, SRT, SAMI format are supported)
It will detect subtitle and write time-code automatically, but it can't doing something like OCR to translate it to text-format right now. So, you have to OCR your subtitle by...your eyes!
For further instruction, please read in the following thread
For this program, Thanks to Shalcker

29th January 2004, 13:05
There are many sites that contain subtitles for download. I think it's easy to search.
Example. (

29th January 2004, 14:24
Yes I know. I have searched but because of the obscurity of the title in question, they are most likely not available.

So how do I go about doing this?