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22nd January 2004, 22:54
Hey guys,

I have a NEC 1300a and running hacked firmware from herrie.rpc1.org, and it runs fine. But that's the tale when I burn on 2x. But when i burn on 4x, every f**ing dvd I burn doesn't work on pc or dvd-standalone player. Well, it works when I put the dvd in, and push menu, menu, menu, menu, menu, menu etc. and it boots to menu... But that's not the way to go. So my problem here is... i need a solution to all this. I would like to burn on 4x in stead of 2x.

Any ideas would be nice!!

Thanks in advance!! Sven

23rd January 2004, 07:27
What media are you using?
If you aren't sure. insert the disk, run a program such as DVDDecryptor and under ISO Write, look in the right window for the manufacturer ID.
Is it Ritek? Longten? Leaddata? etc?

23rd January 2004, 07:39
well..... manufacturer ID says Princo and they're nashua brand... So maybe this is any help (they can do 4x b.t.w.)

Got Milk?
23rd January 2004, 15:54
Princo have quite a bad reputation for disk quality, although I've happily burnt some cheap Princo disks branded as Datawrite at 4x on the same drive that have worked fine so far - not sure what the lifespan of the disk is going to be like though.

24th January 2004, 00:59
If you read posts by the author of that firmware (herrier) you'll see that he is very skeptical about Princo quality at 4x. Often he would disable 4x support on purpose because it was too unreliable!

So based on that, I wouldn't try burning Princo at 4X on a NEC 1301...your mileage may vary of course, but its just not reliable for most people posting in the firmware forum.

25th January 2004, 18:05
well i would like to say; THNX for the info
I won't burn on 4x anymore

25th January 2004, 21:37
I agree totally about princo x4 burning, if its very important dvd video, ( family home movies etc) then its should be avoided at all costs.
Always had poor results with Princo using pioneer 105, f/w 1.31, at x4, it never verified in nero, and to me that was unacceptable.
So 4 months ago, after a year of joyful burning with the 105 and Ritek G04, i decideded i needed a new dual format writer, having considererd all the options, cost, compatibilty with media, i settled for the nec 1300a,
Why didn't i remain loyal to pioneer and get the 106? The knock-out blow for the pioneer 106 was that doesn't burn ritek g03 at x2 with any official firmwares. I thought pioneer would have listened to the uproar about the 105's inability to do this with official f/w. I find it hard to comprehend that level of commercial foolishness.
Hmmm, i seem to have side-tracked from what i was gonna say.
Last week, out of boredom, i took an unused princo (w.p princo) and burned it with 1300a f/w 1.8, also the movie i was backing up was 3.8gb, so as u can see i was giving the princo disc every chance by not burning an entire full disc. Verfication starts, and i am sitting back waiting for the inevitable failure.Then to my suprise it passed. Even this wasn't enough to stop being princo phobic, i tested it in nero cd-speed( using reader not writer), and the curves were all good. Watched the movie on dvd player, perfect playback.
Strangely this didn't make me to happy,...
The bottomline? Was i wrong? Maybe there is room for princo x4 on small movies, make a ritek master, and use the princo for the dvd backups that the kids watch and sometimes use as toys ( when i am not around..lol)
I think thats enough from me. Peace all. :)

25th January 2004, 22:35
Good read curve (http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~noe/CDF/DVDSpeeds/Toshi1712Rd/Mitsubishi_4x_+R/read_wpx708.gif) <= you achieve this or this (http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~noe/CDF/DVDSpeeds/Toshi1712Rd/Taiyo_Yuden_4x-R/read_wpx708.gif) with Princo? :o