View Full Version : Xbox Divx?

20th January 2004, 23:24
I read in here somewhere that you can get a modchip to allow your Xbox to play divx movies. Does anyone have any more info? Does it work and where can I get one?

22nd January 2004, 16:08
Try XBox-Scene (http://www.xbox-scene.com) as a start, and be sure to check the tutorial section.
You need to modify your box, so that it will execute unsigned software.
There are several ways to achieve this (using a modchip is just on of them), just make your pick.


23rd January 2004, 03:24
The Xecuter modchips seem to be the most popular. You would then install Xbox Media Player (XBMP) to play your DivX movies.

Alternatively, you could use the Linux Mechwarrior savegame to flash the Xbox so it runs Linux while retaining it's gaming capabilities. There is also a hardware modification to make the Xbox run Linux, but you lose the ability to play games this way. On the other hand, mplayer on Linux can play almost any kind of file, and there is a network of volunteers who will do the Linux modification for free...