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19th January 2004, 15:05
hi guys!

i want to buy a dvd-player, but i have no idea which one. i would appreciate it if you post your suggestions and your experience with your dvd-players. i'm not sure if i should now buy a dvd-player with divX/Xvid support, because some people said the quality of these players isn't really good. but i think it is kind of fancy, 'cause i can watch my xvid-rips.
i'm really interested what you recommend.

have a nice day

20th January 2004, 23:15
I have a liteon lvd-2001 and it played all my divx 3/4/5 movies great until about 6 months after I got it. Now it has trouble with movies it played great when it was new. Overall I would recommend it to you since it will play just about anything .avi or .mpg.