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19th January 2004, 03:44
Hi, All!
I'm released first english version of DSRT.
(russian (!only!) version available since 2002)
DSRT is a tool for VERY FASTfixing/creating/converting subtitles.
(SRT and partially ssa/ass)
Win9x-2k, ONLY 93Kb in zip, FREEWARE
If someone wants have/distribute it
contact me via e-mail: dem@omskmps.ru
o Features
o Checking a script for errors:
* Numeration errors
* Syntax errors
* Stuck together phrases
* Collisions
o Edit as simple text or synchronized with video in windowed-mode
or full-screen mode.
o Partial support of SSA/ASS 4.x
o Check a directory for any "bad" scripts.
o Auto-correction:
removing collisions, numeration errors, reformatting, changing duration
if needed.
o Simple operation under phrases:
shifting, changing duration, calculating duration,
merging, splitting, removing.
o Removing any garbage.
o Shifting
o Retiming
o Synchronizing (two scripts... in different translation possible)
o Removing duplicities.
o Removing/applying time-code.
o Changing durations of phrases.
o Remunerating
o Sorting
o Reformatting
o Backup copies.
o Importing from JACOsub/RT/SAMI/SSA/ASS/XSS/ZeroG.
o Extended replace features.
Best regards,
D.Kuznetzoff aka Creature

23rd January 2004, 03:02
Now available for download: