View Full Version : What program will convert my SVCD to my HD??

15th January 2004, 02:39
Hi everyone,

I want to know what program will take my SVCD on my CD and convert it to my Hard drive and where do i download the program from?? Instead of me copy/paste to my hard drive. Thanx for any help.

15th January 2004, 16:03
Converting a SVCD to a HD????
I think that's impossible!!

15th January 2004, 16:09
Actually a few weeks ago. I did it with VCDEasy and it took no time at all but when i tried it last night with the same SVCD. It was taking forever. I don't know why.

15th January 2004, 16:26
Just copy those avseq.dat files from your SVCD to your hard drive!?

15th January 2004, 16:29
He said he wants to do it another way..
L@me, i'd say copy/paste too..