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15th January 2004, 00:23
i was using dvd2svcd and tmpgenc to convert a xvid movie and i found out that the audio on the first cd was ahead of the video.

its not a big diference, about 1 second.

-are there any adjusts\serttings i can change in dvd2svcd ti rip the first cd so thst the audio goes in sync with the video?
-is there a way to "squeese"in an extra second on the audio of the original avi?
-or in the converted audio for the svcd?

yes, i searched the forum for help, but could not find the answer to my problem.

please, do help!

thank you very much...

15th January 2004, 20:39
Hi. A warm welcome to the forums.

Thanks for searching the databse before posting and sorry you didn't find the answer to your problem. However, to help you better we could use as much info as possible from the failed conversion. Logfiles generated during the process tell us most of what we need to know.

A bit of light reading to get you started
If the first doesn't help, the second will help others to help you.
:logfile: :thanks: