View Full Version : D2S super package ?

11th January 2004, 15:12
I just had an idea

what if there were a D2S "super package", which would include the D2S package in addition to D2SROBA, AuotFitCD and FACAR, D2SBURN, Header Trick plugin, DVD & MiniDVD plugin and probably others I forgot ? :p

maybe even throw in an avisynth collection from the databae thread and the programs described here :

I have added support for mplex + DVDAuthor + Spumux + MkIsoFs. That means you can make DVD's without Scenarist. Besides it's all freeware :) and it's actually more flexible than using Scenarist because you can avoid making an image if you want to.

as well

shouldn't take much more space and I think (!!) there wouldn't be any collisions..so why not ? :sly:

Well like I said, just an idea.. your thoughts ?