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10th January 2004, 10:02
The second line of subtitles are off the screen. I have tried different things, but none succeeded. In the forum is no info about the positioning of subtitles. I used programs like vobsub to demux, downloaded an srt file in my language (dutch), synchronised it with subtitle workshop. Then i used srt2sup to prepare the subs. No errors where found during the conversion. No overlapping subtitles and the feature "detect offscreen subtitles" gave 0 error. The whole bunch i muxed with ifoedit.

First i got the problem that the subs didn't sync on my standalone (i used powerdvd to check, but i use windvd now and that looks much more like a standalone). Corrected it with subtitle workshop.

Second problem is that after a chapter change the screen freeses after 1 sec. But that is a know problem of ifoedit with a NTSC movie. I got myself a workaround by implementing no chapters. (Only sollution until ifoedit comes with a new release.

But i can't correct the subtitle problem. I see in the ifo files an option to change some 0's into 1's with somesubtitle stream options. But i don't know if that is the solution. I will check it in the future when i have new dvd's (and rw's)

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS... I don't know another option anymore. Please help me. Thanx

By the way. The dvd is: Tombraider 2 Cradle of life. NTSC. From a friend that buy's a dvd from region 1. :-S. Thanx in forward for the help, i know there is much expertise on this forum. So i can;t wait to read the solution :-)

11th January 2004, 03:14
What format is your subtitles in? If it's converted from SSA, if you make that box on the very right 85, it'll be about the perfect size foor TV's overscan. Just highlight every subtitle line at once, enter it in, and press enter once.

11th January 2004, 15:04

It was a little bit tricky to find out what was the problem. The problem was the srt2sup converion.I used srt files that are synchr. by subtitle workshop (1 min work :)) But in Srt2sup there is an option called vertical alignment, it only works for me if is choose top. All my dvd output is pal so that stays that way. After that, I made 1 dvd with all kind of subtitles (alignment middle and top etc. and NTSC and PAL) and switched it on my standalone and if i choose PAL and top as alignment it works perfect.

But i split all dual line subs to 1 line with subtitle workshop. So i will never have the problem that the subs run off the screen. I hope that other people are helped with this info.