View Full Version : Duration of a sub in a .sst file

8th January 2004, 02:01
Trying to calculate the duration of subs in a .sst file however it appears it's not always endtime - starttime

for example:
0021 00:00:57:09 00:01:00:08 VTS_03_VSUB_P1A1-00-English_0021.bmp

now 00:01:00:08 - 00:00:57:09 = 00:00:02:29 however Scenarist (and RA) calculate that as 00:00:02:27

is there something I'm missing about sub duration calcs?

8th January 2004, 12:40
maybe it has something to do with drop-frame, im not into scenarist and similar but i couldnt imagine something else, as it clearly states "START", "END" in the file it is IMO really not meant to indicate the frame before start and the one after end - but then again that would make the 2 frames difference (??)

8th January 2004, 14:47
I think i figured it out... apparently in one section of Scenarist it expects a type of drop-frame calc but in the other section it doesn't