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8th January 2004, 01:34
I recently had a disk crash and lost the boot drive on which I had RecordNow and RecordNowDX on. I have the original disk from the Sony drive that I got the RecordNow from, but I can't find the DX update. I have tried the Veritas site, but it seems they have sold everything to either Stompinc or Sonic, neither of which seems to have the DX version either for free or for purchase. Can anyone tell me where I can find the RecordNow DX now?


16th February 2004, 20:13
go to www.sony.com/storagesupport (http://www.sony.com/storagesupport) Pick your DVD Drive model and go to downloads, it will take you to Sonics website and allow you to download RecordNow v6.7 for free.