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2nd January 2004, 05:28
Hi all.

99% of autoruns I grab here and there only launch movies but myself I mainly do multilanguages AVI (Bivx : 2 audio streams in the avi) + subtitles.

One of the best autorun around is CDA, quite simple and much powerful. Yes except in my case. If I make an AVI with 2 audio streams inside and 3 subtitles I must make 6 buttons:

- language A + Subtitle A
- language A + Subtitle B
- language A + Subtitle C
- language B + Subtitle A
- language B + Subtitle B
- language B + Subtitle C

Better not have 10 subtitles ;)) Well it is obvious I won't make 6 buttons, it gets overloaded. What I would like would be an autorun where the user can select by ticking a box the language and subtitles he wants.

The only tool available is "dEdE divX AutoLauncher v1.2". Unfortunately the site is down for months and of course the archive available on many sites does not contains any explanation!!! :( :( :(I tried to modify the 2 .txt setup files but impossible to make the autorun work).

So if someone here knows a nice autorun program that do what I want or would have the explanations for dEdE divX AutoLauncher v1.2, it would be great. :)

Thanks a lot.

2nd January 2004, 06:11
Get BSPlayer and use IniMaker for making an ini file that will allow the user to select the audio and subtitles languages from within the player
Then make an autorun.inf to launch bsplayer with that ini file

2nd January 2004, 06:32
Yep but what I want is a autorun that popups on the screen, that displays an image of the movie and close to that something like:

Audio: .............. Subtitles:

[ ] Franšais .... [ ] Franšais
[ ] English ..... [ ] English
...................... [ ] Deutsch
...................... [ ] Italiano
...................... [X] None


Here the user tick the audio, tick the subtitle if needed then press the "Play" button. The movie now start with the desired languages and subtitles. What you propose automatically launch BSPlayer then you have to right click to select the correct audio stream and subtitles.

As I said in my first message, 99% of autorun display an image and a launch button and..that is all. Bivx movies are forgotten. Some autorun, like CDA allow to configure several buttons but here too, the more subtitles you have, the more buttons you should theorically create, it is not pro.

So I'm still looking forward to a complete Bivx/subtitles divx autorun program (or the dede explanations). Otherwise I will use CDA (compact disc autorun 2.1) with Bsplayer and ini file but I won't create all solutions buttons and user will have to select, if his choice is not on the listed buttons, to change the subtitles once the movie is launched.

2nd January 2004, 07:06
BSPlayer allows .ini files with names that need not match the video file. And they also support external soundtracks, so you need not bother muxing them together. Each language choice could execute "bsplay.exe <language>.ini" which would all point to the same video, but have different audio files for sound.

14th January 2004, 22:16
I saved the dEdE divX AutoLauncher French guide when I first used it, before the site went down.
You may get a zip archive of this guide at http://members.lycos.co.uk/jackparis/autolauncher_guide.zip
Hope you may find here what you are looking for.

I am disappointed dEdE did not release the version 2 of his tool, as he planned to do before his site vanished

Greetings from France.