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31st December 2003, 16:04
I'm trying to backup a music DVD of Robbie Williams (What we did last summer, live at Knebworth). It has one VTS with 4 PGC's.
Because the first three PGC's all use the same cells, I tried to follow this guide:
Finding Nemo - removing duplicate VOB IDs explained (http://www.doom9.org/mpg/Eyes_Duplicate_PGC_Guide_to_Finding_Nemo.htm)
There are a few (small?) differences between my project and the one in the guide; The cells are in a "normal" order in my project and I only have one VTS.

When I try to update the IFO file with IFOUpdate, I get this error: "ERROR The new IFO file has more cells than the original. ABORTING". I checked and both IFO files seem to have 21 cells. However, the original has vobid1 cells 1-19, vobid2 cell 1 and vobid3 cell 1 and the new file has vobid1 cells 1-21.

My IFO files: original (http://www.netstation.nl/ifo-original.txt) and authored (http://www.netstation.nl/ifo-authored.txt)

Do I need to add two tracks (that are identical to the existing one I guess) to get the extra vobid's or is there some other problem?



31st December 2003, 18:51

Welcome to the forum!

It seems your original and authored IFO looks the same to me.

6th January 2004, 22:26
It seems your original and authored IFO looks the same to me.

It seems to me that they are completely different.

I did that backup the two days ago, and it's perfect.

On your original DVD you have 4 PGC's and 3 VOB ID.
VOB ID 1 is the concert
VOB ID 2 is the credits part
VOB ID 3 is the "thanks a lot, knebworth, bla, bla..." that you can see after de credits part.

1. I ripped with dvddecrypter by VOB ID
2. In Scenarist, i created 1 PGC with the main concert (VOB ID=1)+ credits (VOB ID=2) + VOB ID=3
3. Then i copied this PGC created the other two by pasting it
4. I created the 4th PGC with the content of VOB ID=2 (credits).

then you only have to compile the whole thing, IFOUPDATE etc, as usual.

and voilá

6th January 2004, 23:10
thanks for the reply, I'll try that right now :)

6th January 2004, 23:12
I ran into the same problem with Boogie Nights (R1 re-release). I ended up having to recreated the layout exactly the same in Scenarist and doing a standard IfoUpdate. Even when the layouts were exactly the same Adjusted Cell mode would say the new Ifo had more Cells than the original.

I'm re-encoding for quality issues, so I haven't tested a burn in a standalone. But testing with PowerDVD looked good. Menus, chapters, special features that used shared cells, they all played fine.