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31st December 2003, 07:37
Very important. Please read. I found out a bug in newest firmware.
I bought a new Elta 8883 MPEG4 Player. I updated firmware with latest:
8883 MP4_Firmwareupdate 1_3_4_5_7_17122003. I followed the instructions and it worked.
Recentlly I noticed problems with MPEG4 video playback. Some MP4 video freezes during playback. It happens everytime and very soon(in seconds or sometimes minutes). First the picture freezes, audio goes a little further, then it freezes also. I have to press forward button(button >>) on remote to resume it again. This videos worked OK with previous »factory default« firmware. I investigated the issue for some time and I found out, that the Elta 8883 player freezes the NTSC(24 fps) MPEG4 videos, when watching them in NTSC mode. PAL videos work OK and even NTSC videos in PAL mode work OK. Just the NTSC mode has a problem. Investigating a little further, I found out, that the DVD's NTSC(which are 30fps) and VCD(30fps) do no freeze so often in NTSC mode- only one VCD(30fps) freezed. I tried a NTSC-FILM VCD (which is 24 fps) and it freezes like all NTSC MPEG4 videos.
I can un-freeze the video by switching to PAL mode- as soon as I switch it back to NTSC it freezes again in some seconds or minutes.
So new firmware has a problem of playing NTSC files(especially 24 fps one's) in NTSC mode output. NTSC mode is important to me, since NTSC videos runs smoother with it.
Has anyone of you Elta 8883 owners experianced this with new firmware ?

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7th January 2004, 22:04
Damn. Doesn't any of you that looked at my post(more then 300 of you) own a Elta 8883 to try this out. I really want to know if this is common problem or just mine. I contacted Elta and reply was. New firmware will be out on february. They didn't acknowledged the problem.
Should I just wait for new firmware, to be dissapointed, that the problem is still there ?
Anyone willing to come to the bottom of this problem, please ?

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8th January 2004, 12:33
I don't have a Elta 8883 (yet), so I can't try out anything, but is this a problem with NTSC DivX and Xvid files also?

8th January 2004, 14:39
Thanks for reply

Yes it is. It is a problem with all MPEG4 NTSC videos. Watching them in NTSC mode ofcourse. Watching them in PAL is ok. Unfortunetlly watching NTSC videos in PAL is not that smooth.

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8th January 2004, 14:44
Hi lukez48,

I'm a little confused! Are you saying that the new Elta firmware will allow users to playback MP4 contained encodes?

I would be grateful for a clarification, as I think it's a bit miss leading for a manufacturer to use the term 'MP4' if they really mean 'Mpeg4'!


8th January 2004, 14:57

Yes, I noticed that MP4 can mean something else. The Elta uses MP4 in the name of player. I think it means playing MPEG4 videos.
I assume that ofcourse. I changed the MP4 to MPEG4 in my main post.
Maybe, that is why I had so few replies. The people thought I want to play some special files. There are not special. They are plain DiVX and XViD NTSC files.

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8th January 2004, 17:16
I hope to get mine in the next few days, and I have a few NTSC Xvid clips I want to play on it, so I'll let you know how it goes.

8th January 2004, 22:57
I have only one 23.xx NTSC AVI file, but that plays fine in NTSC mode with my player.

9th January 2004, 02:27
Thanks all for replies. Zhnujm, do you have the latest firmware installed ? 8883 MP4_Firmwareupdate 1_3_4_5_7_17122003

plazz2000, keep in touch. I will wait.

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13th January 2004, 16:27

I got my elta 8883, and I've had no problems playing an NTSC XviD clip in NTSC mode with the new firmware.

The video is 640x336, 820 kb/s, 23.976fps.
The audio is 135 kb/s VBR LAME 3.91 MP3.

I'm doing some tests on other files, I'll be posting the results soon.

13th January 2004, 19:22
just for completeness

mp4 is the container format specified in the mpeg-4 standard

mp4 is not mpeg-4, its a part of mpeg-4

so plz dont use the expression "mp4" for naming mpeg-4 content in .avi, as the elta marketing staff likes to do