View Full Version : AVerTV DVB-T - Which UHF-VHF Antenna?

BiaTch 5.0
30th December 2003, 13:23
I have a VerTV DVB-T & because I don't have any available antenna I want to buy the best antenna I could specifically for HDTV.

I live In Australia, suburbs, no tall buildings broadcasting is done about 80km away

Should I get it installed indoor(inside roof)or outdoor?

Should I ask for specific cabling or buy specific cabling?

I'm getting a quote done by Jim's Antennas I would like to know what questions (if any)to ask also so I sound like I know the biz

Any recommendations appreciated.

31st December 2003, 18:08
I can only speak from american experience, but if you know that all of your signals are coming from one tower(and therefore one direction) don't fool around with an OMNI-Directional antenna(one which receives a signal from 360 degrees around itself). Get a nice directional antenna as it will increase your chances on receiving a good solid signal. Also find out which bands your signals are coming in on. In the US a majority of HDTV(Terrestrial broadcasts, closest thing to DVB-T we'll ever get to) are in the UHF band so a good UHF antenna is/was my friend.

As a side note, 80km seems like quite a long distance(my metric isn't up to speed) but I receive signals from a tower 40 miles away and get 80-90% reception using a standard Radio Shack antenna that cost me 50$.