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AB Jazzy
25th December 2003, 21:54
Well, I have a DVD with the Romanian subtitles and I want to watch it with my family on our stand-alone player. That's not possible because the translation is full of words like "f**k", "mother f***er" and many more. I want to get rid of this words and to edit the subtitle. What's the easyest way ? Remember that I just want to edit the existing subtitle and not to add a new one...

Thanks !
By the way...

AB Jazzy
26th December 2003, 10:45
Please, if there's another place on this forum with an answer, put the link here. If not, tell me if there is a way to edit the existing subtitle...

26th December 2003, 21:06
Welcome to the forum.

the subtitles on DVD are stored as pictures, therefore what you want to do can easily get quite complicated.

The quickest way (by far! if you don't have experience with subtitles) will be to delete those pictures you don't want, this should be possible by either replacing the picture files or deleting the lines referring to them in the transport (text-) file. You might find answers in threads with "DVD", "sup", "ifo" in the title.

The hard way is to OCR the subtitles with subrip (convert pictures to text), then edit the text and depending on what format you want your final movie to be, directly mux the text, burn it into the picture or convert back to pictures. Pictures are needed if you want to make "a DVD" (MPEG-2).

I'm sorry i can't tell you how you do it keeping the pictures since i always rip to text subtitles and encode to Xvid (i haven't made a single "Video DVD").

AB Jazzy
27th December 2003, 00:20
Ok, thanks a lot.
So, all I have to do now is to rip, demux, mux... so GOD help me, 'cause I don't know what I'm doing...
I know how to rip and edit subtitles (using SubRip and Subtitle Workshop), but I've never demuxed or muxed...
I hope your guides are going to help me...