View Full Version : What 'prezzies' did you get?

25th December 2003, 10:58
Any cool stuff this year, or just another over sized sweater from your granny!

Ho, ho, ho!

25th December 2003, 17:33
i got some credit towards my cell phone. and i'm gonna get some electronical toys for myself. Possibly a new car stereo; haven't decided yet.

25th December 2003, 17:39
I got a pulse meter. I have to start running more now. :)

25th December 2003, 17:47
yeah, if ya can, put in a lap for me too. i could use the exercise.

25th December 2003, 18:10
My birthday conincidently falls on Christmas so I always get neat stuff. I only get one present, but they are really good ones. A Swiss Watch, LOTR TTT SE, Althlon XP 2500, 80$, and an Electric Razor.

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you enjoy the holidays.

25th December 2003, 19:09
Brand new CD player, a LOT of money, the two Revolutionary Girl Utena DVDs I wanted.... and.... my parents thought it was funny to put a rock in my stocking.

25th December 2003, 20:57
Perfume, aftershave, lot of blank DVD-R's, some DVD movies, a 7.1 sound card, 2 new speakers, speaker cables, a new DVD writer, a nice small radio, some clothes, a hair-dryer, a stylish lighter, cigarettes, a bottle martini, a new printer, some CD's, cool sport shoes and about 200 €uros...


25th December 2003, 22:16
Gameboy Advance SP ;) (I'm 23 but a kid at heart)...
Also got Terminator 3 on DVD, I like the "T3" inprint (?) on the underside of the Feature DVD...

Happy Christmas,

25th December 2003, 23:26
A foam padded toilet seat!!

from my boss


26th December 2003, 14:54
Well, one of my prezzies is the 1966 version of Batman The Movie.

It is so ridiculously camp and funny.

Holy great fun!

26th December 2003, 15:10
A vacation to Hawaii! :D

26th December 2003, 18:28
Well, one of my prezzies is the 1966 version of Batman The Movie.
Yay, I have all of this old 60's Batman episodes on tape, I really love them...

Do you remember the episode where the bat-computer got a virus, and they cure it with hot chicken soup ???

LOL... :D :D :D

Or the episode with the "underwater" fight in the bank, against the Riddler... Where they simply moved a aquarium in front of the camera, and actors moved in some sort of "slow motion" swimming style ???

ROFL... :D :D :D

I would like to see them released on DVD in Germany !!!

PS: Is the 1966 movie also available with German audio and/or Subtitles ???


26th December 2003, 19:48
Originally posted by Soulhunter
I would like to see them released on DVD in Germany !!!

PS: Is the 1966 movie also available with German audio and/or Subtitles ???

Bye Subtitles for 13 countries... but sadly not Germany!


26th December 2003, 22:52
Subtitles for 13 countries... but sadly not Germany!
I found the German version here (http://www.dvd-idealo.de/15760R10P8296K0_Batman-haelt-die-Welt-in-Atem.html) !!! :p

I think the play "arts" of Adam West (http://www.adamwest.com/) are 22 €uros worthy !!! :D

No matter, I think I should skip to the XviD beta 3 thread, to make the waiting time a bit sweeter !!! ;)


27th December 2003, 00:19
Got some nice sungoggles and enough money to buy a DVD burner in January :D

27th December 2003, 06:11
I got a wireless router and NIC for my laptop, NHL hockey game tickets to a game in January which are next to impossible to get at about this time of year :), one of those nice soft coshy mouse pads with the arm rest, and a umbrella so I don't get soaked anymore when it rains at school ;).

27th December 2003, 11:26
The most significative gifts I had were a drying machine (for clothes) and my first standalone DVD player :rolleyes: Samsung DVD-E235. Also got the Benny Hill Show DVD collection :D

The player seemed a nice quality/price gift but then we had to take it back to the store. Strangely, every 30 or 40 minutes it would freeze the image. Tried with several DVDs, all original, all new. But the problem wasn't the drive: if you'd fast-forward or reverse, it would immediatly show the FFW or Reverse images. But when you'd hit Play after that, even if we had already seen that part of the movie, it would still freeze. Hit FFW and would see image again... :mad:

Took it to the store, it costed 99€, for 35€ more I brought the Panasonic DVD-S35. No problem so far (except turning off RCE, a real PITA on this one :angry: ).

Still have to try the drying machine though :D


27th December 2003, 19:24
Got an NEC MultiSync FE991 flatscreen CRT monitor. Best monitor I've ever had. :cool:

28th December 2003, 07:37
i Got The Best DVD player XBOX
:) :D :cool: :) :D :cool: :) :D :cool:

28th December 2003, 11:53
i Got The Best DVD player XBOX Not necessarily the best DVD player, but the best/only OGM/AVI/MKV player :D No standalone beats XBOX in this, after all it is a PC .... :rolleyes:


28th December 2003, 15:52
A colleague of mine who is a real Apple freak (he'd never let a PC in his home) has a chip-modded XBox and is really happy with it :D

In his words, the XBox is "the first real good thing that Microsoft ever made" LOL