View Full Version : Kiss DP-1000 - What is Normal Behaviour?

22nd December 2003, 17:02
Only just purchased one of these as a Christmas present to myself. Before I send it back as unfit for purpose I wondered if anyone else has been having the following problems:

1) The machine randomly locks up when playing audio CDs. This is a critical lockup requiring the power cord to be pulled and wait for a restart before being able to get the disk out (I've already flashed it with the 2.7.6 firmware which is supposed to correct CDDA playback problems - before that it couldn't even play audio CDs)

2) The ID3v2 tags on my MP3s are not recognised. I thought these were an industry standard?

3) The currently playing MP3 track number is not displayed on the console or on the TV so it's impossible to know where you are.

4) The last mp3 file in a directory is played over and over unless you intervene.

And I haven't even got around to watching a DivX movie right through yet!

Any feedback from other users would be appreciated. This is a great looking player and the DivX playback I have seen so far looked excellent.

22nd December 2003, 18:29
1) new 2.7.9 firmware was released last week, should fix the audio cd problems. Also fixes the issues with SVCD playback.

2) I dont think any hardware players supports ID3v2 flags yet, my dp-500 does but thats through a 3rd party streaming software ont he computer.

3) Dont know about this one, we did discuss with kiss more use of the lcd display but i think this is one for the future.

4) Yep thats normal, try adding it the buglist on our forums, maybe we can get it fixed in the next update.

22nd December 2003, 22:37
Thanks for pointing me to the forum, and it was good to know those are known problems. I downloaded and installed 2.7.9 and the audio CD issue is fixed.

Whereas I may have been disappointed with the problems regarding CDDA and MP3 playback, so far no such worries with the player's ability to handle DivX. Excellent picture quality, stability and audio sync ... and no lockups.