View Full Version : Bug in Direct vob Sub with low res movie

16th December 2003, 21:36
I've got a strange bug...

with a 448x240 movie -> all is ok when Direct Vob Sub isn't installed , but subs aren't played ( I think it's normal :) )

When I install Direct Vob Sub , size in player is shown as:
and a pink block occurs at the right of the picture
This appened only in ogm (when a srt file is mux into it) /*a simple avi with just video don't do it*/

NB: the block disapears when I resize the windows down (with BSPlayer, but also with Media Player Classic...)

I think it's a DVobSub bug , but don't know exactly what it is...
Not very important , but I see this block in few movies (at low res)

You can download few seconds of this trailer (470Kb) at:

DirectVobSub 2.20
muxed with: OggMux (Nic) or VirtualDubMod
Video in: XVid 1.0
Audio: 2 x Ogg Vorbis 1.0
Video Players: BSPlayer 1.0 or MediaPlayerClassic

17th December 2003, 00:42
No, that's not a bug, that's a _feature_.

If you take a little look on vobsub options, you'll notice option "double size if resolution lower than xxx pixels" (or something like that). You can disable it, or lower the resolution to 320 pixels or something, to avoid your movie to be doubled.

17th December 2003, 13:31
First I thought the width was extended to be multiple of 32 and somehow that area was painted with pink colors, but since it can disappear and the width was already n*32 I don't know what to say :) Did you test it with newer versions of dvobsub too? 2.20 is really old.