View Full Version : Which player?

11th December 2003, 22:46
I have been tempted to buy a divx playing dvd player for some time now. Which player is the best at the moment which is available either in or to the UK.
Will the difference in chipsets make a big difference, or would it be best to go for the cheapest now, and upgrade when more players are on the market.

12th December 2003, 08:26
get a MediaTek based player - the other chipsets (regardless of how much effor a company puts into releasing improved firmwares) really can't measure up. But I'd probably wait a month or two to see how firmwares develop (there might be OGM and subtitle support by the bigger players, something which you might not get for an ultra-cheap player).

12th December 2003, 09:40
Thanks for the reply, now I've just got to find an online retailer selling one.

12th December 2003, 10:25
I reckon if you wait until after Xmas there will be quite a few retailers stocking MediaTek chipset players!

Just be patient a little while longer!