View Full Version : Need help in getting subs exactly as those on DVD

10th December 2003, 21:10
I tried doing searches, but didn't find anything that tells me how to do this.

I want to hardsub a video with the exact same subtitle font/position etc. as the DVD. How do I do this?

I'm trying to ripp Excel Saga with all its overlays...


10th December 2003, 21:29
Extract to sub/idx and use vsfilter plugin to hardcode the subtitles into the episode in your avs script file.

12th December 2003, 18:53
Extract them using Vobsub?

I tried this, but some how Vobsub didn't recognise the subs. After the "Indexing" window, not much happens, and the .sub and .idx files are about 3kb combined. That's not right is it?

14th December 2003, 03:23
Originally posted by BioZ
Extract them using Vobsub?
Use VSRip (you can find it here (http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/) )