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6th December 2003, 16:00

i just have 2 questions about subtitles...

First, what is a good format choice? I want to display the subtitles using zoomplayer (directvobsub) and under linux using mplayer.

Second, how do I make 2 Subtiles (for example 1 english and 1 german). I know the subtitle file for directvobsub must have the same name as the movie, but what if i want 2 languages?

Bye. And sorry if this questions was answered before, I did not found any topics that solve my problem at all...

6th December 2003, 18:14
To have two (or more) subtitle languages, a way would be to mux them into matroska format. This way you can have any number of subtitles, even in different formats like srt (subrip), ssa (substation alpha) for text formats and vobsub picture format. Mplayer supports matroska, but i don't know which subtitle formats it supports inside matroska, respectively which subtitle formats mplayer supports at all.

Mosu writes a good muxing application called mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge is the muxer part) also avalable for Linux, see his page here http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/

btw welcome to the forum :D

7th December 2003, 02:01
@unmei : thanx :p

But is there a way if i want to use avi as container?

7th December 2003, 20:12
you can still load any subtitle file in MPC by selecting "load subtitle" fron the file menu (CTRL+L). If you name neither of the subs like the movie you wont have to get rid of the (wrong) autoloaded language to avoid ending up with two languages at the same time. However i don't know how well this works as i always mux my subtitles (to me, selecting a language from the mouse menu is more convienent than selecting a file).

Jut jumped my mind: maybe avimuxgui from alexnoe can eventually put soft subtitles into avi, but i bet these files won't play on most players (not sure if there is even one that handles it at all :) )