View Full Version : more mpeg-4 asp players

6th December 2003, 11:20
Both from Asian companies and I don't know any distributors.

Both descriptions actually say DivX5 ASP which is a load of crap but I suppose they mean MPEG-4 ASP. The specs definitely seem to indicate a MediaTek chipset.

12th December 2003, 21:31
ASP refers to Divx5
the mediatek chip can't play Xvid gmc only because xvid uses 3 warppoint, while divx5 one and the chip is able up to 2 warppoint

12th December 2003, 22:10
The advanced simple profile includes 3 warppoint GMC.
And you might want to check the news of December 4th, you're not telling me anything new ;)

23rd December 2003, 01:04
that product also mentions DRM digital rights management.. it might be referring to CSS on DVD .. but who knows.. it could be some new uncrackable stuff for downloaded movies serial number and such like... your movie only plays on your player :(

23rd December 2003, 10:00
Kiss will soon be implementing Divx networks DRM into their players, but I dont think its anything to worry about. Its more for the Video on demand side of things so people cant do anything with the movies that are streamed to them by media partners. I dont think it will effect the normal usage of our movies.