View Full Version : XVID Interlaced mode support on standalone players?

30th November 2003, 14:07
Has anyone tried this ?
Does it work on any of the available chipsets?


4th December 2003, 10:14
Well, I don't have Kiss standalone players, but I have Sigma's Xcard, that uses similar chip to Kiss players. The Xcard is PCI based MPEG2/divx decoder.

So I can use Xvid (koepi 24.06) in interlaced mode. It reproduces nice and true smooth motion on TV. I use virtual dub for encoding.

So I'm very satisfied with the Xcard's interlaced (and 'normal' progressive) decoding. But I can't use advanced features and not even b-frames. (b-frames work, but sometimes there is stuttering)

Now with the latest xvid 1.0b, it did decode progressive, so that is very nice (to be able to use newer version of codec, which is still compatible with older HW). But as it is mentioned in the xvid thread, the interlacing is broken in the first beta, but is corrected now (will be ok in next release). NOTE: the xcard did behave exact the same way than the ffdshow filter with interlaced content encoded with 1.0b.

But I would assume, that the standalones will decode the interlaced content, but ofcourse there can be some issues, I don't know. I think it is important to use correct field order and phase, when encoding the video for standalones.