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29th November 2003, 20:23
I'm using the latest version of VSFilter (23.11.2003) and I'm lacking a few features:
The ability to search for subtitles on my hard drive when loading a movie without subtitles.
I'm aware that I can configure VSFilter to search a list of folders but I want to make it search for subtitles in a subfolder of one specified folder depending on the name of the movie that is being played. To clear things up there is an example:
Let's say that I'm playing a movie call "The Movie". I also have a folder "D:\Movie Subtitles" that contain subtitles for different movies (and other data for the movies) organized in subfolders depending on the movie name. I want VSFilter to search "D:\Movie Subtitles\The Movie\" for subtitles.
Is this possible at all?
I presume that it could be done by adding something like this
"D:\Movie Subtitles\%MovieName%\" to the list of paths that VSFilter scans for matching subtitles

I tried contacting the author by e-mail for help but I have no response for about two weeks already.
Can someone help me contacting him or tell me a solution for my problem?

Is it possible to add .txt in the list of extension for autoloading subtitles.

Is it possible to make the subtitles file without language modificator the file with highest priority. For example if I have a movie called "The Movie.avi" and I have subtiltle files with the following names "The Movie.sub" and "The Movie.en.sub" I think that "The Movie.sub" should be loaded by default

If I wasn't clear enough I can try to explain it better the next time

14th December 2003, 20:38
come on, guys!
it's not possible that there is no way to contact Gabest
even the negative answer from him is better than no answer
please, help me