View Full Version : split DVD9 to 2 DVD5's and have working menu

21st November 2003, 04:53
If I am repeating a post please forgive me. I am looking for a way to split a DVD9 to 2 DVD5's and still keep the menu functional. I have tried using DVDShrink 3.0 and it splits OK but it just plays the movie. The menu plays at the very end but just loops, there is no control available. I basically just want to be able to have the menu come up on each DVD 5 just like the original and then be able to navigate the menu. This is primarily so I can select individual chapters.
I also tried to using DVD fab but it crashes when I select the folder with my ripped files.

farmer dan
22nd November 2003, 13:27
There are many guides available to do what you want. Check out Split a DVD to 2 DVD-Rs (http://www.doom9.org) at the Doom9 site. There are also links to many guides in the IFO/VOB Editing Forum.

24th November 2003, 21:28
DVDStripper can do this very easily.