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The Edge
20th November 2003, 23:59

But will the open-source community, which regularly castigates Microsoft on message boards and Web sites, accept a Microsoft-influenced Linux product?


21st November 2003, 01:05
It would take a tremendous backflip on their part to do that, I can't see it happening.

Neo Neko
21st November 2003, 01:39
[/B]"At this point, Microsoft appears to be opposed to both the concept of open-source software, in general, and Linux, in specific," Dan Kusnetsky, vice president of system software for IDC, told NewsFactor. "I'd have to say that the chance of Microsoft offering a Linux operating system is rather remote."[/B]

Microsoft is not opposed to open source in the least. GLP yes. If it were not for opensource there would not have been any improvements or new features in Windows over the last decade. A single example of many is Microsoft's code for raw sockets and their entire TCP/IP stack. It is completely based on opensource code!

Apart from the business and corporate-culture issues, the main barrier toward Microsoft Linux may be Linux's GPL (General Public License), which allows developers access to the source code in order to create their own enhancements and applications. The GPL would be problematic for Microsoft on several levels.

Well then the answer to that is simple! BSD!! Microsoft loves BSD!

It worked for Apple. Why not Microsoft. In reality so much of Windows underpinnings are BSD based already. Creating MS BSD would be almost trivial.

But that first paragraph does have some sinister overtones.
Speculation that Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) might build a flavor of Linux into Windows Server 2003 has been rife since May, when the company said it was licensing the Unix source code and patent from the SCO Group. That action followed SCO's infamous US$1 billion lawsuit, filed in March, which accuses IBM (NYSE: IBM) of improperly lifting copyrighted Unix technology and building it into Linux.

Is this why Microsoft and SCO have been so buddy buddy lately? Microsoft helps SCO which for the most part has no valid grevance against Linux and IBM. And further most of SCO's so called IP can be traced to prior work released to the general public for their consumption long before SCO ever aquired the so called pattents to the stuff. So SCO spreads FUD about Linux while Microsoft stuff their pockets. In the mean time while people are blinded by the FUD Microsoft releases their second *NIX based OS(Xenix was their first.) And comes on the sceen with full TV and paper media blitz saying "Why risk using Linux? MS BSD or whatever it is called is better safer and more scalable than Linux.". I can just see it now. To bad it will almost cirtainly be doomed to failure.

21st November 2003, 02:20
We could write a novell about microsoft jokes :D

21st November 2003, 08:18
I've heard those rumors before.. and I'll believe it when I see it.

Neo Neko
21st November 2003, 18:49
They may be rumors. But the creepy thing is that they are not far fetched. And there are some kernels of truth here.:devil:

21st November 2003, 19:24
2.4.22 or 2.6.0b5? ;)

10th December 2003, 15:32
http://www.mslinux.org/ ;-)

12th December 2003, 05:38
Nice :D