View Full Version : Subpictures and chapter problems with DVD maestro

15th November 2003, 15:54
Hello, I've one m2v, two ac3 tracks, one subpictures (ripped with subrip) and one chp (from DVDDecrypter).

When I put this files on DVDMaestro, I see that the chapters and subpictures are like "compressed" at the beggining of the movie, and around at 1 hour they finish. Audio tracks are well. I've seen that the chp file is ok, but the times that DVDMaestro shows are totally different, with the subpictures is the same situation.

Someone know how can I solve this problem??


PD:I'm spanish, so excuse my english ;-)

15th November 2003, 18:08
Although I can't really understan what exactly is your problem I would act on the 'wrong timecode' theory.

Your video has an offset around one hour at its timecode so your chapters and subs r all messed up.

If u have demuxed it with decrypter u can check the reset timecode tick in it and everything should be OK